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Do you have a burning tech question? PCMag.com is full of reviews, features, how-tos, and other surprises to help you figure out what to buy, how to set it up, and when to upgrade. But if you have a specific query, where do you go?

On Twitter, reach out to @PCMag using the #PCMagPicks hashtag, and we’ll track down an answer for you. You can find our social media manager Pete Haas @dimeford, who can answer questions about gaming (and social media, of course). Or reach out to specific members of our reviews staff. Don’t forget that hashtag!


Editor: Wendy Sheehan Donnell @wwwendyyy


Managing Editor, Alex Colon @alexandergcolon
Lead Analyst, Sascha Segan @saschasegan (Mobile)
Senior Analyst, Jim Fisher @2bq (Cameras, Drones)
Senior Analyst, Will Greenwald @AggroWill (Gaming, VR, TVs)


Senior Analyst, Tony Hoffman @TonyJHoffman (Printers, Projectors, Scanners)
Analyst, Matthew Buzzi @MJBuzzi (Laptops, Desktops)
Analyst, Tom Brant @branttom


Managing Editor, Sean Carroll @SCarrollTech
Lead Analyst, Michael Muchmore @mikemuch
Lead Analyst, Neil Rubenking @neiljrubenking (Security)
Senior Analyst, Jeffrey L. Wilson @jeffreylwilson
Analyst, Max Eddy @wmaxeddy (Security)
Junior Analyst, Ben Moore @benmoore214


Executive Editor, Oliver Rist @OliverPRist
Managing Editor, Suzanne Kattau @suzannekattau
Senior Analyst, Brian Horowitz @bthorowitz

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