2. Pipedrive

Pipedrive should definitely be one of the first CRMs to consider for improved sales and service delivery practices. It represents a system we foresee striking some amazing results in an environment where applied.

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Pipedrive is a sales and success-focus CRM with a variety of advanced features that attracted over 50,000 companies worldwide. All of the system’s functionalities are constructed around a simple active-selling logic, providing users with adept control over deal completion and lead nurturing.

One of the methods Pipedrive uses to build healthy and lasting customer relationships is absolute visibility within every deal, tightly connected with the possibility to create and manage records without the usual administrative burden traditional CRMs impose.

In fact, you will be pleasantly surprised by Pipedrive’s modernity wherever you turn, as each and every feature is painless to manipulate, and follows a minimalist, clutter-free approach to sales optimization.

Pipedrive is best known for automated alignment of activities with long-term missions, closing the critical functionality gap many large teams could stumble upon. The system also offers accurate reporting and analytics, sales forecasting, and integrates with a variety of leading service providers to help you adopt it in less than no time.

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