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Drew McIntyre defends his WWE Championship against Seth Rollins. 


It’s crazy times and, because WWE is still putting on shows every week, that means crazy wrestling events. Money in the Bank 2020 emanates from WWE’s corporate headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut. The two Money in the Bank matches — one for the guys, one for the gals — will not be the usual ladder matches, but instead races from the bottom of WWE HQ to the roof. And these matches will happen at the same time. 

This has the potential to be a phenomenal car crash. Thankfully, there’s some more standard fare going on elsewhere on the card as Drew McIntyre defends his new WWE Championship against Seth Rollins.

We’ll be updating this page as soon as Money in the Bank starts, at 4 p.m. PT/7 p.m. ET, with updates and analysis from the show.

Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins

The WWE Championship match is up next.

Braun Strowman beats Bray Wyatt

Bray Wyatt came out as Bray Wyatt, not The Fiend. From that point on, it was fairly sure that Strowman would be winning this match.

And what a match it was. This was more like Bray Wyatt versus The Miz than The Fiend versus Daniel Bryan in terms of match quality. That is to say… not good. It was a fine wrestling match punctuated by wacky moments, with puppets from the Firefly Fun House popping up to encourage Wyatt.

Wyatt would get a few near falls, including after a Sister Abigail. Eventually, Strowman put on the old mask he used to wear when he was part of the Wyatt Family. Bray thought this meant a return home, so to speak, but it was a ruse. Strowman surprises him with a powerslam and gets the pin. The story is that Strowman beat Wyatt at his own game, winning mindgames. Lame.

The story is sure to continue with Wyatt taking Strowman on as The Fiend at a future show.

Rating: 1.5 stars. Swing and a miss.

Bayley retains SmackDown Women’s Championship

Bayley beat Tamina by countering a Samoan Drop with a Crucifix pin. Tamina had Bayley beat but, being a dumb babyface, decided to chase Sasha Banks around the ring instead of pinning Bayley.

Long match for a weak challenger. Tamina worked hard, but it’s hard buy that she’d be the one to end Bayley’s long title reign. Highlight of the match was a sweet counter that saw Bayley reverse a superkick into a leglock. The only problem was that Bayley seemingly doesn’t know any actual leglocks — she had Tamina in a weird mix of an ankle lock and a knee bar, with Corey Graves scrambling to explain how the submission isn’t really in. But most of the audience won’t know better or care, so it was a cool spot.

Rating: 2 stars. 

Bobby Lashley pins R-Truth

R-Truth makes his was to the ring rapping his entrance, beckoning the nonexistent crowd to “make some noise.” R-Truth is so great. 

MVP comes down for their match but, after some bickering between MVP and Truth, Bobby Lashley enters and says he’ll take MVP’s place.

After a short match, Bobby Lashley kills R-Truth with a spear.

Rating: Squash match. R-Truth doing his entrance with no crowd was fun, though.

New Day retain SmackDown Tag Titles 

After a fun match, The New Day successfully defended their gold when Big E pinned Gran Metalik after a Big Ending. It was a fatal four match pitting The New Day against Lucha House Party, The Forgotten Sons and John Morrison and The Miz.

The match had some flaws — some spots were a touch sloppy, easier to notice with no crowd to distract, and you could sometimes see guys waiting around waiting for their turn in the dance — but all eight wrestlers worked super hard. The match ended up being entertainingly chaotic, with teams tagging in and out and lots of creative teamwork. 

There was a strange moment towards the end when Jaxson Rikker interfered and Michael Cole noted that the ref can’t do anything because it’s a no disqualification match. Then the ref proceeded to eject Rikker. 

Rating: 3 stars. 

Kickoff Show results

Jeff Hardy defeated Cesaro with a Swanton Bomb. It’s Hardy’s first match after returning — so why was it on the Kickoff Show? Who knows.


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